2011 / ICONOGRAPHY – cloud/crowd

A cloud consists of homogeneous elements; it is perfected by repetition of identical and simple component. Having said that, its appearance is quite complex, so every single cloud has different shape. On the other hand, component parts of a “crowd” come of great variety. Independently acting various elements, observed by a few composing order, finds a stable appearance. The work is created by firstly filming a crowd of people coming and going freely through a vibrant city, and then superimposing repeatedly dislocated the video. Through this process, the lively activities of ‘crowd’ed particles are converged as a “cloud” which is continuously altering its appearance. Sequentially altering complex stream of a “cloud/crowd” is generated by a remarkable simple principle. There is a dynamism created by a compound of diversity and homogeneity, or complexity and simplicity. is the visualizing system that abstracts diversity of things.




連々と変化する「雲/群集(cloud / crowd)」の複雑な流れは、意外なほど単純な法則から生み出されている。そこには多様性と均質性、複雑性と単純性の交錯によって生み出されるダイナミズムがある。