6 Responses

  1. milov

    The spectators are more interesting than the sport.

  2. palla

    Yes, I’m curious about curious crowd. But, it is difficult for me to take a photo about the people.

  3. milov

    people don’t like their picture being taken by strangers 😉

  4. ziboy

    i like your pics!
    and thank you linked ziboy.com
    i had linked pallalink too.
    where are you?

  5. palla

    Hi! ziboy or Wen(?).
    I seem that your photos have a sharp sense for people.
    I want to take a photo like you.
    And I am in Osaka. Here is nothing but soccer fever now.

  6. wen or ziboy

    yes,soccer,world cup!
    all the best from beijing!