stream dweller
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in kyoto. stream dweller

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Moholy-Nagy : I seem that it is difficult to define her in term od Russian Constructivism. You can see lots of her pictures. [via gmtPlus9]

hopeless scene
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in kyoto. hopeless scene

Portland Projections
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Portland Projections by James Luckett : I feel like a weathered something as if it fall apart at a touch. I want to take a photo like this.

Postcards : New York City
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Gotham/ Skyscrapers & Views : The media of postcards that is published for only tourists, had successed fortunately to emphasized the image of fictional space with skyscrapers in N.Y.C. [via newthings, via tmn]

The Wisdom Of Harry
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The Wisdom Of Harry : I will be fascinated by a naive or straight one. I may acceptingly need to say that I like it…

300 Miles High
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300 Miles High : The detailed photo of the earth. There are wondering creations of the natural form. Ex.[1],[2] []